Who We Are


Our Beliefs & Purpose

Cloud Capital is a real estate company but that only scratches the surface of our true purpose. We believe in doing work that we love and developing relationships that last a lifetime. Enduring relationships are built through clear and honest communication. We are devoted to building a culture of accountability that thrives on solving unique challenges. We compensate our employees based on performance to ensure alignment with our investment partners.

When you partner with Cloud Capital, you won’t find any hidden fees, confusing structures or complex deals. We think that a successful partnership is one in which everyone benefits together.

We have made a commitment to invest in technology and to push the boundaries of innovation by developing proprietary systems to gain an edge. Our returns are created through real value creation and not financial engineering. Outstanding performance does not happen overnight but is a direct direct correlation to exhaustive effort and disciplined execution.



“At Cloud Capital, we have an accountability-based culture that revolves around continuous process improvement to perform at the highest level for our investors.”

Core Values

Our core values foster a winning culture designed to deliver performance for our investors. We believe clear, honest communication is the key to building authentic relationships.
We actually do what we say we’re going to do and do not make excuses for mistakes or failures. We take ownership of our decisions and thoroughly communicate both good and subpar results.
We never give up in the face of adversity. We will fail fast, learn from our mistakes, and improve. Bouncing back from difficult situations and focusing on the next step is the key to our success. There is always a next step.
We strive to hire the best people and constantly improve our processes each and every day. We are relentless in our effort to invest in both our people and technology to achieve the best results for our investors.
Performance is our mission. As fiduciaries, we vow to first preserve and protect our investor’s capital. We strive to mitigate risk before focusing on earning the highest risk-adjusted returns for our investors.


Our employees bring a wide variety of skill sets, experiences, and individual talents to the table. We hire people that have some form of an entrepreneurial endeavor and have displayed exceptional performance in their background. Our team is aligned and motivated to achieve our vision for growth.

Nathan Cloud
Managing Principal
Chris De Celle
Investor Relations
Cameron King
Senior Property Accountant
Heather Astuto
Property Manager
Craig Culberson
Maintenance Tech
Christopher Wheeler
Building Engineer

Chris De Celle

Investor Relations

Chris De Celle heads investor relations at Cloud Capital where he is closely involved in all aspects of raising capital and marketing. Chris has raised millions of dollars and has invested in multiple multifamily deals as both a General and Limited partner across Texas, Georgia, and Florida. He brings a breadth of experience in construction, project management, and capital raising.


Before Cloud Capital, he worked in the world of television and is a Multiple Emmy Award Winner as a Producer and Director. Chris has worked on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, NBC Studios, Olympics, NFL, NBA, MLB, and the Golf Channel. He has produced for the Oscars, Emmy’s, and Golden Globes. De Celle is the founder and CEO of 3D HD Gear which has supplied professional video, audio, fiber systems, and computer networking.


He’s now focused on executing Cloud Capital’s investor relations strategy build relationships with both current and new equity partners.


Mr. De Celle is a proud graduate of Emerson College with a degree in Communications. Chris grew up in Saugerties, NY as the tenth of twelve children and currently resides in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Nathan Cloud

Managing Principal

Nathan is the founder and Managing Principal of Cloud Capital where he oversees Cloud Capital’s strategic vision, acquisition strategy and fostering capital relationships. Since 2020, he has been the leading Principal in over $28MM of multifamily acquisitions and $52MM with JV partners.


Before starting Cloud Capital, Nathan worked as an equity trader and portfolio manager for a proprietary trading firm in New York City. While on Wall Street, he developed both discretionary and algorithmic trading strategies for the firm’s portfolio.


Nathan is an experienced investor in both public and private markets and is now focused on executing Cloud Capital’s growth vision. Nathan resides in Dallas, TX with his wife Anna Beth and is a graduate of the University of Mississippi with a degree in accounting.