Relationship Building

This is an unfair business.

The majority of multifamily deals that trade hands in a major market are controlled by a handful of brokers. 

When I mention unfair business, I’m alluding to the trust and relationship-building that it takes in order for a broker to recommend your group to a seller to ultimately win the deal.

Real estate is a relationship-based business and your reputation is incredibly important. One of our core values is to Never Compromise Integrity. This sets the foundation for taking down a great deal for our investors. 

Buying a $20M apartment building is a major commitment to all parties involved (Seller, Buyer, and Broker)—- everyone has skin in the game. As you can imagine, a broker vets out each new group thoroughly when you enter a new market.

A broker works as a fiduciary for his client, the seller, and his #1 goal is surety of close. Meaning will this group be easy to work with, trustworthy, adequately capitalized, and more importantly….Close the Deal.

Every week we are making calls, analyzing deals, touring properties, and talking shop with brokers and other operators to gain a pulse of the market.

We are grateful and appreciate the confidence you have placed in us as sponsors and stewards of your capital. You, our investors-partners, are one of our most important competitive advantages.

Nathan Cloud


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Nathan Cloud

Managing Principal

Nathan is the founder and Managing Principal of Cloud Capital where he oversees Cloud Capital’s strategic vision, acquisition strategy and fostering capital relationships. Since 2020, he has been the leading Principal in over $28MM of multifamily acquisitions and $52MM with JV partners.


Before starting Cloud Capital, Nathan worked as an equity trader and portfolio manager for a proprietary trading firm in New York City. While on Wall Street, he developed both discretionary and algorithmic trading strategies for the firm’s portfolio.


Nathan is an experienced investor in both public and private markets and is now focused on executing Cloud Capital’s growth vision. Nathan resides in Dallas, TX with his wife Anna Beth and is a graduate of the University of Mississippi with a degree in accounting.